There is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation shrink

Function Operation. If the Starting Sector of the first partition on the disk is less than 34, the program will pop up the above prompt. Method 2: if there is an unallocated space but is not at the end of disk, you can move these partition in the back of the unallocated space so that the unallocated...

The appliance tab indicator is red and the Windows Backup status has failed due to not enough storage space on the WinBackups volume. </p 212109. Submitting forms on the support site are temporary unavailable for schedule maintenance. If you need immediate assistance please contact...
Dec 05, 2017 · This is because rolling back a transaction requires generating more log records, and so there needs to be guaranteed space for them. If this did not happen, the log could fill up, in-flight transactions would begin to roll back, a log grow attempt might fail, and the database then goes suspect or into recovery because the in-flight transactions ... We checked biztalk server diskspace is not full at all, have also checked the biztalk DB(MsgBox, DTA, etc), they are barely full. What could be the reason Somehow when FTP-ing a file to another remote location, the filesize is taking up almost 60GB (this is normally a 1 KB file), somehow there is a bug...

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After booting up again I noticed that the space on my C drive had been reduced from 31GB free to only a few MBs free and figured 7-zip had used the temp Despite having changed the temp folder settings in 7-Zip, I still received the "Not enough space on disk" message and before everything froze and...

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There is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation shrink

If your disk is really full, then it is an easy problem to solve. Just clean it up. But, if your disk is not full the issue becomes a little bit more complicated… but still easy solvable. Files are not only using up your disk space, but they are also Even though, there will be still potential free space on your drive.

Completed Mods. Thing is there is not security tab. Tried to look around in the threads and on microsoft support but couldn't get anywhere. This did not work for me because for some reason, GParted did not allow me to shrink my Windows Partition (even though it allowed me to do this earlier).
Dec 24, 2019 · 18. Information code 4138: There is not enough space on the disk. Solutions: 1) Please check if there is enough space in your destination location. If there is no enough space, we advise you to delete or remove some files to free up more space.

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The Enterprise Vault collector reports an event ID 6945, "There is not enough disk space to complete the operation," when plenty of free disk space exists.

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